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Give Your Home a Makeover

Kelly Paul Birner July 13, 2020
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A white kitchen with a stove and a sink. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

Tips on Touch-up Paint to Make your Home Look New Again, Or to Get it Ready to Sell. 

We all have an abundance of time at home right now, and if you are anything like me, that means you are noticing all of the little areas of your home that could use some extra loving. Touching up paint on walls where there is damage or chipping is an easy way to make your home sparkle again. 

Guiry's is my go-to shop for all of my paint needs, and if you aren't sure where to begin, their blog and their stores are full of expert advice. They have a few different locations in the Denver area take a look at their website to find the location closest to you. 

How to Touch up Paint on Walls:

Step One: Clean the Surface
Before you do anything new, it's important to remove dust and dirt from the surface you plan on painting. Use a soapy sponge or rag to wipe down the area, and then wipe the surface dry. 
Step Two: Spackle repairs
You can fill small dents and holes using a spackling compound, a putty knife, and fine-grit sandpaper. 
Smooth the surface using the sandpaper, and then using the putty knife apply a conservative amount of the spackling compound to the surface as evenly as possible. 
You can scrape away excess spackling compound with the edge of the putty knife. This will take a few hours to set. If the compound is still raised slightly after setting, you can use the fine-grit sandpaper to even it out, and wipe it clean before priming. 
Step Three: Prime
If you are wondering if you have to use primer, the answer is yes. Without primer, the patch you are repairing will stand out on your wall. Using your choice of primer, evenly coat the area and let the primer dry completely (the exact dry time varies by primer, so check your product).

Step Four: Paint

If you are scratching your head trying to remember what paint color you used don't worry too much. While having the exact same kind of paint is ideal, at Guiry's they will be able to find you a close match. Bring in pictures of your paint color. But make sure you grab extra to save for future repairs. 
The type of brush you should be using varies depending on your desired look so make sure you ask which kind is best. Wait for your paint to dry completely and make sure you have a window open to help with the fumes. 
Before touching up more areas, check to see how your touch-up looks from different angles and in different lights. Maybe another shade would be better so see how one looks before you do the whole house!

Happy painting!

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