On a cold, clear, blue-sky night, Jeff left the earth to ride a star into eternity. Artist, musician, brother, son, friend…words are too few to capture his complexity. An adventurer, a sonic iconoclast, a Portland punk rock pioneer. Convention was foreign to Jeff, he found his voice in the raw power of three chords and Final Warning. An organic artist, he grew his Mt. Hood Community College Associate Degree into a successful and acclaimed graphic design career. At the time of his death, he was a Creative Director for Razorfish. He was intellectually gifted, witty and a consummate humorist. Jeff embraced his Finnish heritage and was a student of Finnish history and culture. He had a life-long curiosity and wonder of the world and travelled to Finland, Europe and Russia. Jeff was a sportsman and loved the Oregon outdoors, particularly his property near Christmas Valley. He was a beloved baby brother and youngest son; never publicly vulnerable, he displayed a tenderness to those he loved. Jeff was a motorcycle enthusiast and honored by his affiliation with the Flying 15.

This website is a reminder to live my life in a way that honors Jeff’s memory and to share with others the importance of being aware of the bikers that we all share the road with.

When driving, turn your head and save a life.