Charities for children hold a special place in my heart. As the mother of two daughters, I know first-­hand the joys and frustrations of parenthood in Colorado. When I first heard about Denver’s own struggles with public education and dropout rates, the facts were hard to believe. Nearly 40% of students enrolled in the Denver Public School System won’t graduate, with a majority of those children coming from at-­risk households.

Colorado Uplift has been helping school children of all ages with in-­school, after-­school, adventure, and post­-secondary programs dedicated to helping them succeed. With a vision to build long-­term, life­-changing relationships with urban youth, Colorado Uplift has partnered with over 28 Denver Public Schools to give students hope and encouragement to succeed and build better lives. Using an approach that creates a mentorship cycle with elementary, middle, and high school students, children are given the opportunity to learn, grow and give back to their community.

Colorado Uplift is a great example of investing in the futures of our children within the Denver community.